Q.) How long in advance do I need to place an order?
A.) A week is usually safe for most flavors and designs.  There are times of the year that we need to limit the designs further out than a week so give us a call as soon as you can and we will help you with your options.

Q.) What is your cancellation policy?
A) We require 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changes.

Q.) Do you deliver cakes?
A.) We deliver cakes for weddings, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Occasionally we will deliver for larger events. If you are not sure if your order qualifies for delivery, please call for details.

Q.) How do I care for my cake once I leave the shop?
A.) When transporting a cake, it should be placed on the floor of your car or a space that is clear and flat as possible so as to prevent any damage. We recommend against holding the cake or keeping it on your lap while your are in the car. A comfortable room temperature is best for your cake if it doesn’t have our cream cheese or whipped cream icing.  In hotter weather, air conditioning is necessary. In cooler weather your cake will be fine in the trunk of a car, but be sure not to let your cake freeze if it’s too cold. We recommend that you refrigerate your cake if you are not serving it the same day you pick it up. Otherwise, let your cake acclimate to room temperature before serving.

Q.) Do you accept orders by email?
A.) No.  We would prefer that you call so that we could speak with you and you could get exactly what you want.

Q.) Do you ever go on vacation?
A.) Yes.  We have been going on vacation the same two weeks in August since we opened.  Because we are very hands on owners and closely involved in the operations of the bakery, we need to close for vacation. We also close for major holidays and sometimes a few days after.  Please call to find out the dates.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q.) Are your cakes nut free?
A.) With the exception of carrot cake and amaretto pound cake, our cakes do not contain nut products.  However, we do use nuts and nut products on the premises and CANNOT 100% guarantee that your cake won’t be in contact with nut products, although we do make every effort to do so.  If you or someone in your party has an allergy (not just nuts – food coloring allergy, chocolate allergy…etc.) please notify the person taking your order and we will make sure we take extra care to keep your order free from harm.

Q.) Can I freeze my cake?
A.) Yes!  We actually have the same customers freeze cakes every year for the two weeks that we go on vacation and every year we hear how wonderful they turn out!  We also consistently get calls from brides telling us that the cake tasted the same as the day of wedding, a year later.  You would want to leave it in the cake box and put it in a trash bag air tight to put it in the freezer.  Two days before you plan on serving the cake, put it in the refrigerator and the morning of put it on the counter.  It will then be ready to serve!!  If you freezing it for longer than a month, we suggest freezer wrap and/or Tupperware.

Q.) Are your cakes fresh?  Are they made at your shop?
A.) Yes! All of our cakes are baked and decorated on our the premises.  They are all baked to order.

Q.) Is your icing buttercream?
A.) Yes! Our icing is homemade buttercream that we make here on the premises daily.  We also offer German Chocolate, Cream Cheese and Whipped Cream icing.  These icings choices do limit the decorating on the cake.

Q.) Do you offer cake decorating classes?

Cake classes happen during the times of the year that are a little less busy such as: not during the holiday season and not during graduation/ communion season because we are such a busy bakery that there isnt enough time in the week for the decorators to be available during those weeks unfortunately. In order for us to have cake classes take place we would a group of 8-12 gathered. The class is two hours and you work hands on with our amazing decorators as well as leave with an 8” cake. The price of the class is $75 per person. If you wanted to know more details or were considering setting something up you can certainly call us or email us at