Bakery Policies

We can accept cancellations or changes on orders with 72 hours notice on online orders and 48 hours notice on orders placed with one of our Claymates.

We prefer cash when possible. We also accept debit, all major credit cards including American Express and contactless payment.

Yes we do. You can go to our website to access our gallery "". You can also view our pictures in the store.

Our to die for icing is homemade buttercream made with pure vanilla extract and real butter that we make here on the premises daily. We also offer lots of flavored butter creams, German Chocolate, Cream Cheese and Whipped Cream icing.

Yes you can. You can bring with you if ordering in store. You can also email pictures, ideas etc and we can help you through email or you can follow it up with a phone call 610-647-2119.

Yes we do in some cases, but we primarily work in buttercream. Most all pictures in our gallery are exclusively buttercream. Please call or email with specific questions on fondant decorations.

Yes we do. We can use any picture that you supply as well as pull something from the internet. If you supply the picture, we advise it to be the highest resolution for the best quality on your cake.

Edible images are simply a photo copy created with a dedicated edible image printer. We use edible paper and edible ink to create a high quality image to be placed on your cake. It is a great way to put any photo or character etc on your cake inexpensively. You can see some of them in our gallery on our website "'.

Currently, we are open Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

We close for two weeks every August. We also close for major holidays and sometimes a few days after. Please call to find out the dates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We deliver cakes for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other special occasions involving 3 tiers or more. Occasionally we will deliver for other larger events. If you are not sure if your order qualifies for delivery, please call for details.

In the shop

We currently do not offer in person seating inside our shop, but we do have seats you can rest at outside our shop on the sidewalk.

We love it when our wonderful customers, especially children watch as we create cakes of all sizes and designs right in front of your eyes. Decorators are on duty most all of our opening hours. You certainly can call ahead to check if you are counting on that experience with us.

Wedding & Custom

We prefer you fill out our wedding cake tasting form which you can access here, but you may also give us a call during business hours to schedule a time to discuss the details of your wedding cake.

We take a variety of custom orders of different complexity and difficulty so we may be at capacity early some weeks then other weeks. It is best to touch base with us two weeks or more ahead of time to make sure we can accommodate your requests.

We have cakes that are suitable for most events each day we are open and smaller orders typically can be placed with just a few days notice with at least 48 hours being ideal for a more simply designed cake

Yes we do as long as it is a 3 tier traditional wedding cake or in some cases very large orders. Our delivery radius is approximately 30 minute drives. That does not mean that every location that is 30 minutes Away are included, but most are. We unfortunately do not at this time deliver to Philadelphia.

A month or more is best, however we have taken wedding cake orders with less than a weeks notice. Also it is never too early to place your order.

More than cake

We also offer our famous chocolate chip cookies, old fashioned homemade sugar cookies, Pound cake slices, cupcakes of delicious flavors and awesome designs, Crumb cake muffins, Brownies of all delicious flavors and toppings, Ashers chocolate covered pretzels in assorted flavors, candles and our delicious coffee. We also offer our cool tye dye t-shirts for sale.

Yes, we have a variety of candles available online and in store.

We do not have peanuts in our cakes with the exception of the carrot cake which has walnuts on the side if requested. We do have walnuts and peanut butter on the premises along with a few products that state that they are made in a factory that have nuts in the facility. We make every effort to keep all nut products separate at all times, however with having nuts on the premises we cannot 100% guarantee there will be no cross contamination.

Yes we do. We offer our tye dye t-shirts.

Yes, we sell a mild blend coffee as well as water bottles, soda and other assorted beverages.

Yes we do - lots of them! Shop here.

Yes we do. There are lots of pictures online to look at. We can also create a 2 tier out of any one tier cake you choose. To support the weight of the cake, the bottom needs to be pound cake. The top can be layer cake as long as there is nothing going on top of a weight that would not be supported. We can guide you as to what is best.

Ordering Information

You may order a cake in a few ways: Ordering online is always the quickest and easiest way, however for very specific custom cakes may be best ordered by directly calling us at 610-647-2119. To expedite that process please have ready the number of the picture if you have chosen from our gallery. Also if you have a specific design, idea or picture for an edible image, please email us at "" ahead of calling so we can efficiently discuss and place your order.

We have cakes available in the shop each day for those last minute shoppers. You can stop by when we are open and choose from many different designs and flavors.

No. We would prefer you use our request a cake quote form accessible here. You can also give us a call at (610)647-2119 and we can get you exactly what you want.

While we prefer that no online orders be changed or canceled, the best way to do that would be to directly call us with at least 72 hours notice, 48 hours notice for orders placed with our customer service team. While you can email us or email a change or cancellation, we do not accept changes or cancellations through voicemails or emails unless we respond to you. otherwise you need to contact us directly

Care for your cake

We advise you put your cake on a flat clean surface such as the floor or back area of a larger car such as a van or SUV. The trunk is only an option in the cooler temperatures. Keep in mind that even on a cooler day your trunk will be higher in temperature as the sun beats down on it. We NEVER recommend a seat or a person holding the cake.

Yes! We actually have the same customers freeze cakes every year for the two weeks that we go on vacation and every year we hear how wonderful they turn out! We also consistently get calls from brides telling us that the cake tasted the same as the day of wedding, a year later. You would want to leave it in the cake box and put it in a trash bag air tight to put it in the freezer. Two days before you plan on serving the cake, put it in the refrigerator and the morning of put it on the counter. It will then be ready to serve!! If you freezing it for longer than a month, we suggest freezer wrap and/or Tupperware.

Yes! All of our cakes are baked and decorated on our the premises. They are all baked to order, making everything we do incredibly fresh.