Wedding FAQ

How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

We advise 2 months to guarantee having the availability to make your cake. There are many times that we can do it with much less, so don't hesitate to call or email and check. Please know that we do take an annual two week vacation, generally in August. If your wedding falls around then, we advise calling ASAP to check our vacation dates.

How do I start the ordering process? Does a tasting cost anything? What is the tasting?

You may fill out our Wedding Questionnaire and one of your wedding consultants will be in touch. As of right now we are not doing in person tastings due to Covid and our limited space at our shop. ****** Alternatively, we are offering cake tasting to go, you can call or email ahead to have a tasting ready for you to pick up any of the days that we are open. Tastings are complimentary!

Can I put fresh flowers on my cake?

Yes you can, although it is most always done by your florist. If other arrangements need to be made, we can certainly discuss that!

Does Clay's deliver my wedding cake?

Clay's does deliver 3 tier wedding cakes within a certain range for additional cost based on time and mileage. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver wedding cakes to Philadelphia at this time.

Are there any times during the year that Clay's closes and won't be able to make my wedding cake?

We close for two weeks every August. Please call or email us to check the dates if your wedding may be falling on those dates.

How much are wedding cakes at Clay's?

The wedding cakes start at $3.60 per serving and go up from there. The price can be dependent on flavor, design and number of tiers.

Does Clay's provide an anniversary cake?

The top tier of the wedding cake is excluded from the count that your wedding cake will serve, so that you can take it home and freeze it for your first anniversary. A box will be delivered with the cake to store it in, with freezing instructions on the top.

What flavors are there to choose from for my wedding cake?

Our tiered wedding cakes need to be made out of our pound cakes to hold the weight of the cake above it. Each tier may be a different flavor. The pound cakes we offer include: Amaretto, Butter, Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Lemon Poppy, Banana, Marble, Mocca, Orange, Raspberry Swirl, Spice, Mint Chocolate Chip or Banana Chocolate Chip. If you want to include one of our other flavors on your special day, it can be made into a side “kitchen” cake that is cut in the back.

How do I decide on a design for my wedding cake?

We would love for you to start by looking at our gallery to get a feel for our work and see if something catches your eye. We also welcome bringing in or emailing inspiration photos that you would like us to work off of. We could also discuss your vision for the cake and come up with something all your own, we love watching a bride's vision come to life!

I have a cake in a package with my venue or caterer, how does that work?

Reach out as soon as possible to get your date on the books and start the process with us to order your cake. We can provide you with samples when you are ready to have your taste buds dancing! Once we speak to you we can guide you in what is included in your package.

Should I bring a swatch to match my colors?

If you would like us to match a bridesmaid dress, napkin or other color being used on your special day it is best to bring an actual swatch or invitation in. Colors on monitors, phones and screens of all sorts vary by screen so it is not the most accurate way for us to get an exact color.