Vanilla Buttercream

Our buttercream, made fresh on premises, is a creamy balance of sugar and vanilla. Not sickly sweet, we don't think you will find a better one.

Yellow Layer Cake

A light and fluffy vanilla flavored "birthday" cake.

Chocolate Layer Cake

A light and fluffy chocolate flavored "birthday" cake.

Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

Our light fluffy yellow cake gets an upgrade when we add chocolate chips throughout.

Red Velvet Cake

Typically served with our delicious cream cheese frosting and famous for its red color it is flavored with buttermilk and cocoa for a taste that unique in its own.

Butter Pound Cake

A staple for celebrations, our rich dense buttery pound cake is made with real butter and 100% vanilla extract.

Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake

Delicious butter pound base with spirals of rich raspberry essence. This crowd pleaser pairs phenomenally with our vanilla buttercream icing.

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Our famous chocolate chip pound cake is a customer favorite. Rich and dense a must try for someone looking for a cake with no equal.

Amaretto Pound

Our butter pound flavored lightly with hints of almond flavors.

Lemon Poppy Pound

Our butter pound with light hints of lemon and poppy seeds throughout.

Orange Pound

A favorite among Clay's employees this pound cake is a citrus dream reminiscent of a creamsicle when paired with our famous buttercream.

Spice Pound

A collection of spices Our Baker has put together to satisfy those taste buds.